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Top 10 intimidating cars

Despite this schooner-like body roll and tires as thin as dinner plates, the 2CV actually handles pretty well -- then again, with two cylinders and 29 horsepower, it's not like it can get around the corners very quickly.

, but let's recount the details: The Corvair's rear-mounted engine shifted the bulk of its weight to the back of the car, which made it prone to oversteer (fishtailing) in sharp curves -- and once the back end went, it was nearly impossible to get it back.

Once the Z06 passes you, it still looks like it’s ready to throw down with its down-turned taillights and chrome-tipped quad exhaust tips.

While some of the other cars flagrantly display their angry expressions, the Challenger appears more devious with a stone-cold death stare.

The little French 2CV ("deux cheveaux" -- literally "two horses") was designed so that a farmer could drive a load of eggs across a plowed field and not break a single one.

Its pillow-soft suspension had a sophisticated system of levers and springs that kept the car almost perfectly level front-to-rear -- but was only as As a result, the 2CV leans so much in corners that it makes a '57 Chevy seem like a Corvette.

Below is a list of cars and trucks we think can send even the bravest of us shaking in our boots.

This was when American car manufacturers figured out how to make humongous, powerful engines.It is no coincidence that the Viper came on the market about the same time Jack Kevorkian was at the height of his fame.The original Viper had a 400 horsepower V10 and no traction control or antilock brakes.These cars had an unfortunate tendency to explode when hit from behind, since that's where the gas tank was located.Ford did eventually fix the problem, but the damage was done, so to speak.

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An overpowered car that doesn't have the shocks, brakes or structural rigidity to turn or stop well. Scary for: Firefighters and plastic surgeons What could possibly be scarier than a car endorsed by both the Shriners' Burn Ward Fundraising Division and the League of Asbestos-Clothing Manufacturers?

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