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Creatures and beings of every shape and size roam freely.

This can include her having a vagina, testicles, etc. A futanari girl is not to be confused with a trap or cross-dresser as they are a female.Disclaimer You must be 18 years of age or older to access this site. The staff of is not responsible for any materials you view or download here.If there is any misunderstanding or disagreement about the contents of this page, leave now.) Nested in the ruins of an old-empire fortress-city and surrounded by corrupted forests, The Lingering Guillotine is a lodge for poachers, slavers, treasure hunters, and all of their kind - It's a place where they can make deals and relax free from the punishing presence of foreign inquisitors and municipal law.For all dragons, and those that worship, adore, or are involved with them in some way. So just come in, relax, chat, make friends, and have fun!

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Also being into dickgirls is strange than like traps, cuz traps at least can be real in real life, and no matter how they look girls they don't take the yuri label.