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He’s also just released a single on the freshly-founded Mozaick Records – home to our talented pals Phil FRESH and Pkari.

Learn More The cold hard truth in freestyling is that you'll need to practice in order to get better. The nice thing about the rap coach is that it caters to people from ALL skill levels.Luckily, Kwame’s mate filmed the whole thing, and it wasn’t long before the footage began spreading online.We happened to see it on our Facebook feeds and reached out to Kwame, who is another emerging emcee from Sydney’s bubbling Western suburbs.] didn't pretend to do something Cause that's money Yeah that's money, that's money You can't tell me shit unless you make more money I don't care about whips That don't make you money You can't tell me shit [Verse 4: Ghetts] Tell my man I'm a general, he ain't never second in command Tell a man, tell another man, tell the next man, tell em wah gwan I'm going on like I ain't ever read a Psalm Ready or not, within my palm, setting off alarms, so road that I'm never in my yard I've got a new team, we're writing on the apart And setting off hard, never's on my mast, stepping in my path Telling me to go and give the metal a massage Make the lead fly, and erase all my enemies They're tryna write me off, yes don, vest on, you told Ja Rule like get head signed D-D-D-D-DEAD GUY God forbid you make it to the hospital, cause I'll be the one by your bedside Them niggas ain't done no drive-by shootings Watch when they buy my new ting Nothing but nightlife cruising If I see you on the sideline snoozing You'll have your ends in the air like a hi-fi Looking back in- This what I should've been doing from earlier Fuck's sake! Come on, grow up I'm so sick I don't spit, I throw up Don't understand where you all when you grow up Your boy's too wet so he can't blow up I'm gasolineish, the flow is machineish Ahead of the whole damn globe like Venus Notts arenas, I score screamers 30 yards out, they hit goalkeepers Like sleepers, jeepers creepers I ain't convinced that you're real like Feel like a mobile compared to beepers When you compare me to these little idiots I'm a genius and I really mean it We're not the same like breasts and the penis The rest of your team is stressed as the weakest Can't hold it down like bullemics Talk so much shit, you don't even believe it Stop asking for things before you receive it What are you doing?You ain't got another life Proof's in the pudding bruv, come and have a slice It's food for thought, you can have a bite But it's still my turn like a double on the dice and I take time like I stuck up with Julius Spitting rhymes that'll show up the rumours So hard- cut the tumours Chemo flow, they're feeling like [?

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Freestyling is when you improvise a rap song on the spot.